Greeting Card Emergency #80: Can’t Have Sex, Part 2

Sorry for the delay! My car died, so I suddenly had to mail things, buy tickets, make plans, fly from Tallahassee back to Tucson, buy a car, register the car, arrange to receive packages, finish a major side project, and then (big surprise) I got sick. So now, after a week (or so) delay, here is part two of the “Can’t Have Sex” card series — this time for cards FROM a partner who wants to be supportive when their main squeeze is sexually indisposed for a while. Hope these help someone!

Greeting Card Emergency #72: Bad Weather

I had such a hard time transferring files from my iPad to my laptop last week, I decided this time to just try filming directly from my laptop. Between the sound and the video, I don’t think I’ll be doing this again. Lesson learned! At least it’s short. And I hope you enjoy the card.