Greeting Card Emergency #82: Unusually Specific Random Compliment

Most “Thinking of You” cards in actual cards stores are necessarily bland and vague. But what if you were allowed to be SPECIFIC with your compliments? Dedicated to Dave’s friends Lisa Nikolidakis and Ophira Eisenberg.

Greeting Card Emergency #80: Can’t Have Sex, Part 2

Sorry for the delay! My car died, so I suddenly had to mail things, buy tickets, make plans, fly from Tallahassee back to Tucson, buy a car, register the car, arrange to receive packages, finish a major side project, and then (big surprise) I got sick. So now, after a week (or so) delay, here is part two of the “Can’t Have Sex” card series — this time for cards FROM a partner who wants to be supportive when their main squeeze is sexually indisposed for a while. Hope these help someone!

Greeting Card Emergency #77: HUGE THANK YOU

This is long, but it’s my favorite story out of anything that’s happened to me in the last five years. The episode answers a simple question: What do you do when a simple “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough? When you can literally never repay a kindness? Enjoy.

Greeting Card Emergency #72: Bad Weather

I had such a hard time transferring files from my iPad to my laptop last week, I decided this time to just try filming directly from my laptop. Between the sound and the video, I don’t think I’ll be doing this again. Lesson learned! At least it’s short. And I hope you enjoy the card.

Greeting Card Emergency #71: Valentines for the Emotionally Inert

And how could I let Valentine’s Day go by without a Greeting Card Emergency episode? This is the end of the current flurry; back to a once-a-week schedule for the near future.

Greeting Card Emergency Classic #29: Single on Valentine’s Day

Another classic Greeting Card Emergency for Valentine’s Day. Note that the “I’ll send you a free card” offer mentioned here is no longer valid.