Greeting Card Emergency #83: Canada Day

There simply aren’t enough cards for Canada Day. Now that dearth is one card smaller, if you follow me. (Note: the final joke in this video is a reference to the TV show “Look Around You,” which I learned about from the “Extra Hot Great” podcast, two of whose hosts–Tara Ariano and David T. Cole–are name-checked in this episode. So it all makes sense in context.)


GCE CLASSIC–Greeting Card Emergency #7: Supporting the Troops

Special for Memorial Day, here’s a VERY early GCE from 2009, about what to say to troops who are about to deploy…starring my friend Kristen Rouse, who was then about to deploy. Nowadays she’s a regular commentator on war-related issues (on NPR and in the Times and such places), and she blogs at http://trueboots.wordpress.com/ Thanks for your service, Kristen!


Greeting Card Emergency #80: Can’t Have Sex, Part 2

Sorry for the delay! My car died, so I suddenly had to mail things, buy tickets, make plans, fly from Tallahassee back to Tucson, buy a car, register the car, arrange to receive packages, finish a major side project, and then (big surprise) I got sick. So now, after a week (or so) delay, here is part two of the “Can’t Have Sex” card series — this time for cards FROM a partner who wants to be supportive when their main squeeze is sexually indisposed for a while. Hope these help someone!


Greeting Card Emergency #76: Transgender Visibility Day

Today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, so here’s a quick card to say “thank you” for the example our transgender friends have set in our lives. NOTE: THIS CARD CONTAINS ACTUAL PROFANITY. I honestly couldn’t think of a way to avoid it without muting the emotion (namely, my own gratitude to my friends). So I kept it in. Keep the kids away for a few seconds, I guess.